Create and share quality images for multimedia applications, meet deadlines, reduce cost.

On-line and multimedia companies need to control the quality of incoming images so they can be shared for multimedia applications, meet the urgency needs of the fast paced internet communities, and control their operational cost.

Elpical offers them professional image workflow and automatic enhancement solutions.
Unlike generic batch processing applications, Elpical distinguishes itself by:

  • developing the highest quality level of image manipulation and optimization software components (Claro Single, Claro Premedia, 4LeafClover, EmailManager)
  • presenting unique CIIA Technology (Claro Individual Image Analysis)
  • the use of open industry standards (Java, PDF, XML...)
  • the flexibility to handle a multitude of image and file types
  • providing stand-alone or integrated solutions for any type of automatic image processing workflow driving different types of media applications.
  • offering strong, customer focused support, based on years of graphic arts experience

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